Biological Compound

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Olympus BH-2 Binocular microscope

Olympus BH-2 Binocular microscope with 10x widefield eyepieces, mechanical stage, focusing condenser with adjustable iris, 4x, 10x 40x 100x objectives. Excellent Condition

USD 1,450.00

Nikon Labophot 2

Nikon Labophot 2, Binocular, 10x widefield Eyepieces, Plan 10x 40x 100x oil objectives, mech. stage, focusing condenser, variable halogen illuminator. Like New Cond.

USD 1,695.00

Olympus BHTU BH-2

Olympus BHTU BH-2 Trinocular 10x WF.EPcs. S- Plan 4x 10x 100x oil 40x D-Plan Objs Ex. Cond

USD 2500.00