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Nikon SMZ-U Stereo Zoom Microscope

Nikon SMZ-U Stereo Zoom Microscope, with photo-tube assembly, 10x focusing ultra-widefield eyepieces, 7.5x---75x magnification, 1x ED Plan objective,bult in adjustable iris (adjusts depth of field) table-top stand . Excellent Condition, 1 year Full Warranty,250.00

Olympus SZH Stereo Zoom

Olympus SZH Stereo Zoom microscope with photo-tube assembly, 10x ultra-widefield eyepieces, 7.5x--64x zooming body, 1x Plan objective, built in adjustable iris diaphram (increases depth of field). Table-top stand . Excellent Condition. 1 year full warranty.

USD 2,850.00

Wild M5A stereo microscope

Wild M5A stereo microscope with 10x widefield or 20x widefield eyepieces, 6x,12x,25x,50x magnification, table top stand. Highly sought after for its superb optical performance. Photo-tube is available.

USD 2,450.00

Olympus Inverted IMT-2

Olympus Inverted IMT-2 microscope with Hoffman Modulation Contrast, 10x widefield eyepieces, photoport ready for digital camera, mechanical stage, HMC 10x, HMC LWD 20x, HMC LWD 40x Objectives, HMC LWD adjustable condenser, 12volt 50watt halogen illuminator, Great scope for In Vitro studies

USD 5,550.00

Wild M5 stereo

Wild M5 stereo with 10x widefield eypcs. 6x,12x,25,50x, magnification, table-top stand. Microscope is famous for excellent resolution and mechanical reliability. Transmitted light stand, photo-tube and other accesories available.

USD 1,850.00

Wild Photomacroscope

10x widefield or 15x widefield eyepieces, 6.3x--32x zooming objective or 16x--80x zooming objective, built in photo-port, table top stand, boom stand also available. Superior Optics. Excellent Cond.

USD 2,500.00