Polarizing Microscopes

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Olympus BHS-2 Polarizing microscope

Olympus BHS-2 Polarizing microscope with trinocular head, 10x widefield focusing eyepieces,rotating and degreed analyser with 530 first order red filter ,4 place centerable objective holder, A4x PO, A10x PO, D-Plan 20x, A40x PO objectives, 360 degree rotating circular stage, (centerable),rotating bottom polarizing, .9 N.A. focusing condenser with flip- top element and iris, 12 volt 100 watt variable intensity halogen illuminator. Excellent Condition

USD 3,950.00

Reichert Microstar IV Polarizing microscope

Reichert Microstar IV Polarizing microscope with trinocular viewing head, 10 x widefield eyepieces, 360 degree circular rotaying and centerable stage, Top analyser (in and out positions) , bottom polarizer (adjustable), first order red tint filter included, adjustable achromat condenser with iris. 12 volt 50 watt variable Halogen illuminator . Microscope is in Excellent Condtion.

USD 1,950.00

Zeiss Standard Polarizing microscope

Zeiss Standard Polarizing microscope with 8x KPL focusing eyepiece with crosshair, ( 10x viewing with monocular head) lever= in/out position for analyser,filter slider holder with 530 first order waveplate included,built in bertrandt lens with in/out selector, 2.5x POL, 10x POL, 40x POL centerable objectives, 360 degree rotating circular ball bearing stage, focusing condenser with flip-top element (.90 NA) , bottom rotating polarizer, 6 volt varaible intensity illuminator and power supply.

USD 900.00